Medical Oxygen in Africa is an Essential Thing

Across the world, many children die because of acute respiratory infection, principally pneumonia. For the treatment of pneumonia, there is the requirement of antibiotic therapy, oxygen gas, and care. Oxygen is also required for the treatment of a very severe pneumonia (Hypoxaemia) that results from weakened lungs.

Medical Oxygen is a life-saving thing yet the supply is limited in the developing world. It is analyzed that medical oxygen in Africa is inadequate and that the factors that are important for ensuring oxygen supplies differ between facilities. Even though oxygen is frequently required in the medical industry yet it remains critically short in supply in low-resource hospitals. It is estimated by the World Health Organization (WHO) that less than half of hospitals or nursing homes in Africa have genuine access to medical oxygen Africa.


Without medical oxygen, health providers are unable to treat critically ill patients with low levels of oxygen in their blood. This has an effect on conditions such as trauma, obstetric complications, heart failure and respiratory diseases like pneumonia which is the most common cause of death for children globally. Oxygen gas is essential throughout the hospital because low blood oxygen levels can be both, ubiquitous and in many cases fatal.

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 MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd, a leader in providing air and gas solutions, specializes in all sizes of Medical Oxygen Africa and Oxygen Concentrators to suit every patient need. Founded on their quality of care and dedication, the company is characterized by clinical excellence and responsiveness. Medical industry trusts MVS Engineering to provide them with gas generators.

This company is known for providing services as though each patient were a member of their family. It is known that this company strives to be the preferred provider of home medical services and equipment.

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