Nitrogen Generators for Food packaging

Nitrogen for food packaging holds vital importance. It can be applied to a number of different processes because it is a safe and inert gas. Nitrogen generators let you generate nitrogen from the surrounding air and relieving you from all your worries about changing the expensive high-pressure cylinders.

Nitrogen for food is used in both its forms Gaseous and liquid. The gaseous state of this gas is used to delay food articles from turning rancid. This cryogenic property of nitrogen has led packaging of dairy products, fish, fruits, meat, poultry, pasta, ready to eat meals, mil, bakery and milk products easier.

nitrogen for food

In the below-given points, we are going to discuss the ways how nitrogen gas can benefit food packaging field.

  1. Nitrogen Purging

In the food packaging industry, purging technique helps to displace oxygen from the container in which the food is packed. Nitrogen is purged just before the package is sealed to make certain that there is no oxygen trapped in the container. Purging technique helps to preserve the freshness, shelf life and taste of the packed food.

  1. Modified atmosphere packaging

The internal atmosphere is modified in order to improve the shelf life of the food products that have a short shelf life.  Short shelf life products include meat,dairy products,poultry, and fish. Along with food, modified atmosphere packaging is also used in pharmaceuticals. It is necessary to reduce oxygen and replacing it with other gases to reduce microbiological spoilage and delayed oxidation reactions.

  1. Nitrogen padding

Have you ever bought a pack of chips and wondered if you have bought a pack of chips or air?

The air that you find in packed food used to pad the food package so the contents of the package do not get damaged or the package does not collapse.

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