Benefits of Nitrogen Generators

Do you know that the major part of the air we breathe is Nitrogen? Every living being on this planet needs oxygen to survive but oxygen is merely 21% present in the air. The biggest part of the air is nitrogen i.e. 78%, the remaining part is tiny amounts of other gases. Although living beings do not use this nitrogen it is extremely helpful in numerous industrial applications.


Understanding Nitrogen

Nitrogen is unable or slow to react or move gas that means it is an inert gas. It is colorless, odorless and does not help in sustaining life on earth. However, N2 is important for the growth of plants as it is a key supplement in fertilizers. Although is it possible to get in N2 in a solid state, it is generally found in either liquid or gaseous state. Beyond gardening sphere, it also has several other uses that include working as a refrigerant which freezes food rapidly, and in medical researches as well as reproductive technology. For industrial use, on-site nitrogen generators are the most efficient systems as compared with getting the gas delivered in cylinders through some external source. Buying or leasing N2 can be inefficient, costly and very inconvenient as there is a need to deal with a third party supplier. This is the chief reason why industries opt for on-site Nitrogen generators because it lets the company produce the desired quantity and quality of oxygen as and when required. Other benefits of on-premises generators are no transportation cost, a stable price, no delay in the delivery of gas, and many more.

The main reason for N2 being used widely is that it does not react when it is exposed to other gases. Oxygen, on the contrary, is very reactive because its molecules are easier to break apart. However, N2 molecules are strongly bonded and need more energy to be broken.

MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. manufactures Nitrogen of two types, Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen generators as well as membrane nitrogen generators. PSA generators allow the production of very high purity gas 98% or even higher. Learn more about nitrogen generators at

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