Nitrogen Gas Generator for Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Ever body knows that in order to maintain the long shelf life of a packaged food, we displace oxygen by infusing nitrogen in the package. Nitrogen maximizes the  food durability and prevent it from getting spoilt.

nitrogen for food

Purpose of using Nitrogen in Food packaging

Nitrogen is used in packaged food to displace oxygen. Bacteria uses oxygen to grow and thrive on organic material because oxygen carries moisture which is a favourable condition for bacteria to grow. By removing oxygen, it gets difficult for bacteria to grow and the food will not get oxidized. Oxidization can cause the food to become inedible and foul-smelling. The best example of oxidization is a cut or bitten apple that gets dark and brown after a few minutes it is cut/bitten.

This process is of displacing oxygen and flushing nitrogen in packaged food is known as Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP).  MAP is a method of increasing the shelf life of food products by packaging them in nitrogen atmosphere that prevents it from getting spoilt.

What is the best way to produce nitrogen for food packaging?

For food packaging, using nitrogen gas in a standard industry practice. But getting nitrogen gas delivered in cylinders can turn into an inefficient and costly way. Moreover, cylinders have high pressurized gas that can be dangerous in some situations. Therefore, the best way to use nitrogen for food packaging is by installing on-premises nitrogen gas generators. MVS nitrogen gas generators are a cost-effective and convenient solution that allows the user to regulate nitrogen production as needed.

MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a leading nitrogen gas generator exporter in the nation that manufactures N2 generators for MAP and all other industrial processes. The company provide nitrogen units are skid-mounted and designed to fit any manufacturing plant’s needs.  For more information, visit or call MVS team now.

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