Why Get Hydrogen Gas Generators Over Gas Cylinder?

On-site hydrogen plants are more beneficial when compared with hydrogen supplied from cylinders for hydrogenation.

But, getting an on-site hydrogen generator based on water electrolysis process to supply the gas is the best option for any industry. This approach is safer, more convenient and less expensive when compared with getting the gas in cylinders. Providing an uninterrupted supply of gas, on-site generators also minimizes the possibility of running out of hydrogen. It also reduces the expenses of the user as it provides extremely high purity gas.


Installing gas generator on premises is, without any doubt, safer than cylinder gas as it allows the user to use the required volume of gas on demand at low pressure. Cylinders contain a considerable amount of hydrogen gas which, if leaks, will spread throughout the premises and displace the air leading to asphyxiation or/and explosion. On-site generators have less pressure as compared to cylinders& volume of hydrogen gas that would spread in the laboratory due to the leakage is extremely small.

Hydrogen gas generators also provide convenience to the user by making the gas readily available on a continuous basis. The operator only needs to add water after some intervals when it’s half empty to ensure continuous operation.

Hydrogen gas generators by MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. are the best in the industry because the company uses the latest technique while manufacturing their generators. MVS generators are safe to use and require minimum maintenance cost. The only running cost for these generators is water and electricity.

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