Carbon Molecular Sieves in PSA Generators

Nitrogen Generators are manufactured using two technologies, namely Membrane technology and Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology. One of the core technologies is PSA, using Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) adsorbent. The PSA process utilizing CMS is an extremely productive way of producing high purity nitrogen gas from compressed air.

What are CMS and PSA?


Pressure Swing Adsorption, an air separation technique, allows the segregation of the mixture of gases into its individual components by using a solid medium, i.e. CMS adsorbs some proportion of the gas mixture under pressure.


Basically, CMS is the bed of small carbon particles. When a nitrogen purification column packed with carbon molecular sieve is pressurized with atmospheric air (that mainly consists of oxygen, argon, and nitrogen), moisture and oxygen is adsorbed by the carbon bead but allows Nitrogen to pass on. This happens because of the mill micron size of the nitrogen molecules. The CMS pores are of the perfect size to let oxygen enter and adsorb but the nitrogen molecules are too big and therefore pass through the purification column.

The two-stage cycle of the PSA process;

  1. The Adsorption stage-

This is the stage where moisture, oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules present in compressed air are adsorbed onto the porous structure of the carbon molecular sieve whereas Nitrogen molecules pass through the column and goes into the storage vessel.

  1. The Regeneration Stage-

This is the stage where the pressure normalizes via quick de-pressurization and the adsorbed molecules are released to the atmosphere. A constant temperature is required in this process that as close to an ambient.

MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. manufactures and exports PSA generators that are designed using German technology from CarboTech AC GmbH. The industries where MVS PSA Nitrogen generators are widely used for Fuel Tank Inertization, Tire filling, Autoclaves, Furnaces, Blanketing for many industries, Metal processes, Fire prevention, Laboratories, Oil Cargo ships and oil tankers, Flex printing, Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals and Offshore Platforms & FPSOs.

You can contact MVS team by writing to them at for any air and gas elated query for your industrial process.

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