Produce Hydrogen Using Steam Methane Reformer

In recent years, the most explored gas as an energy carrier is Hydrogen. Hydrogen has been the most famous researched gas because of its variety of applications and environmental friendliness. Though hydrogen can be produced using different methods, the most commonly used one is Steam Methane Reforming (SMR). In the United States, around 95% of hydrogen is produced using Steam Methane Reforming process. SMR lets the user cost-effectively produce high purity gas.


Hydrogen generated from steam methane reformer is used majorly in industrial processes for the production of commodities such as petroleum and ammonia refining because of its high purity.

SMR is considered a well-established way to produce hydrogen gas. In this process, steam and hydrocarbon enter as a feedstock in the reactor as a result of which hydrogen and carbon dioxide are produced at the end of the entire process.

  1. CH4 + H2O – CO + 3H2
  2. CO + H20 – CO2 + H2
  3. CH4 + 2H2O – CO2 + 4H2

The users of steam methane reformers get free from the problems that are related to the storage and distribution of hydrogen cylinders. When compared with all other methods that produce hydrogen gas, steam methane reforming is the most commonly used and the most efficient way to generate the gas. Using hydrogen lessens the carbon dioxide released by fuel cell vehicles powered by natural gas. SMR also improves and minimizes the production cost, keeping the price affordable in times of natural gas price fluctuations.

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