Uses of Oxygen for Industrial use

Some of the industrial Benefits of using oxygen in different industries are;

  1. In various industries, Oxygen is used along with the fuel gases for the purpose like gas cutting, oxygen scarfing, gas welding, flame hardening, flame cleaning, and flame straightening. For the purpose of gas cutting, high-quality oxygen is required to make sure that the cutting speed is high and a clean-cut of glass.
  2. The largest user of oxygen generators for industrial purposes is the steel industry. The modern steel making industries depend largely on the use of oxygen to improve air and expand the temperature of combustion in blast furnaces and unlock hearth furnaces and also to replace coke with other combustible materials. When steel is under making process, undesired carbon amalgamates with oxygen to form carbon oxides, which gets dispersed as gases. O2 gets fed into the steel bath through a special lance and is used to allow greater use of scrap metal in electric arc furnaces. MVS Oxygen generators produce large quantities of oxygen that is also used to make other metals such as zinc, copper, and lead.
  3. Chemical, Pharmaceuticals and Petroleum Industry uses oxygen as a raw material in numerous processes that include propylene oxide, ethylene oxide, nitric acid, a variety of hydrocarbons, hydrogen peroxide and a few other materials.
  4. Oxygen is also used to generate synthesis gas in coal gasification. Here, oxygen is used as a chemical feed-stock or precursor for more easily transported and easily-used fuels.
  5. In refineries, oxygen enriches the air feed to catalytic cracking generators which increases the capacity of the units. In sulfur recovery units, it achieves a similar benefit. Oxygen helps in regenerating catalysts.
  6. In Pulp & paper manufacturing, oxygen is used as a bleaching agent.
  7. In waste-water treatment, using oxygen instead of air allows the capacity of existing treatment plants gets increased. Inserting oxygen into sewers reduces the formation of hydrogen sulfide which results in reduced odor and corrosion.

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