Methanol Reformer for Remote Locations

Methanol reformer is a device that is used in the area of the fuel cell technology that can fabricate carbon dioxide and pure hydrogen gas by reacting with a mixture of water (steam) and methanol.

After that, the resultant hydrogen is utilized by a Hydrogen fuel cell to produce power through the process known as Electrolysis.

Reformer_Fuel_Cell Stack

One of the main challenges that we are facing nowadays with power generation by fuel cells includes the hurdles related to hydrogen storage. Researchers have studied and suggested a lot of methods to overcome this problem. Among all the methods suggested, utilizing fuel reformers as a fuel component is a pragmatic and a promising alternative to hydrogen storage. When compared with all hydrogen carrier fuels used in the reformers, methanol is considered as one of the most lucrative ones because of its unique properties.

Founded in 1977, MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is considered as one of the leading designer, manufacturer and exporter of on-site hydrogen generators around the world with over 43 years of experience in the industry. Our generators can be used for the following range of applications:

  • H2 generators for fuelling stations and industrial processes.
  • Hydrogen fuel cells for electric vehicles like utility vehicles, electric lift trucks, commercial fleets, and urban transit buses.
  • Installing fuel cells that include methanol reformer units, for UPS systems, and electrical power plants.

For any remote location, where it may get difficult to source hydrogen, MVS Engineering offers a cohesive methanol reformer to produce on-site hydrogen to let have an elongated fuel cell operation. Sites that are remotely located can simplify fuel logistics and can own a reliable power backup simply by integrating methanol reformer into the fuel cell system.

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