Choose a Reliable Nitrogen Generator Exporter

Onsite nitrogen gas generation is beneficial to a wide range of applications like food and beverage manufacturing, electronic and pharmaceutical industry. Generating gas onsite provides three distinct advantages over using nitrogen in tanks and bottles. These three advantages are no wait time, guaranteed purity and lower overall cost.


How is nitrogen generated?

Nitrogen is actually not created in the nitrogen generators. These generators extract the already present nitrogen from the air and work on it by eliminating other molecules.The air around us has 21 percent oxygen and 78 percent nitrogenand a mixture of some other molecules like argon, water and carbon dioxide present in it.

MVS, largest Nitrogen gas generator exporter has nitrogen generators that work on two methods for removing extra molecules. The first method is to filter out unwanted molecules and it is called as Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology. The air is pulled through the intake valve and sent through the carbon molecular sieve (CMS). These sieves have pores around the surface that fit the size of oxygen molecules. As O2 molecules are smaller than nitrogen molecules, they pass through the CMS and the larger molecules of nitrogen remain on the top of the CMS.

Another technology in the nitrogen generator is membrane technology. The membranes are a group of small, hollow polymer fibers with small pores across the surface. As oxygen molecules are smaller than those of nitrogen, it passes through these pores leaving nitrogen in the gas stream. The user can produce 99.5 percent of pure nitrogen using this technology.

To get a gas plant for your industry, it is necessary to contact a reliable nitrogen gas generator exporter. MVS Engineering is a leading manufacturer and exporter of on-site oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen gas plants. Contact MVS representative today to find out more about their range of nitrogen generators perfect for a variety of applications.

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