MVS-Carbotech CMS for PSA Generators

Carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS) are the most pivotal element ofthe Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology nitrogen gas generator. Pressure Swing Adsorption nitrogen generators utilize adsorptive materials as a carbon molecular sieve to separate nitrogen molecules from compressed air. CMS adsorbs carbon dioxide, oxygen, moisture and other things in a short time and compressed nitrogen is available at the outlet. As the pressure is decreased to the vacuum or atmospheric level, CMS, having adsorbed oxygen and other molecules desorbs them and get regenerate.


After both the operations take place alternately between the adsorption columns, an uninterrupted supply of nitrogen is available from the air.

MVS Engineering is a leader in manufacturing and exporting on-site gas generators. The company is a primary licensee of PSA technology from Carbotech Germany. Carbotech GmbH Germany is the inventor of CMS used for nitrogen recovery in PSA type nitrogen generation systems.

The advantage of onsite MVS-Carbotech CMS N2 generator:

  1. It allows you to generate nitrogen privately.
  2. It reduces operational costs.
  3. Fully automatic machines allow you to save labor cost
  4. Easy maintenance
  5. Safe to operate.
  6. It occupies less space because it is skid-mounted.

Applications of MVS-Carbotech CMS Nitrogen generators:

  1. To prevent reactions and explosions in chemical plants
  2. To prevent chemical oxidation
  3. To prevent explosions of chemical tankers
  4. As an atmospheric gas for rubber vulcanization
  5. As an atmospheric gas for melt spinning system for synthetic fibers
  6. As an atmospheric gas for nitrogen type reflow furnace
  7. As an atmospheric gas for storing products
  8. As an atmospheric gas for storing packaged foods
  9. As an atmospheric gas for heat-treatment
  10. As a carrier gas for drying or recovering solvents
  11. As a transfer gas for flammable or explosive items
  12. As a supporting gas for laser processing
  13. To control the atmospherefor storage of fruits and vegetables

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