Nitrogen for the blanketing process is used in numerous industries to safeguard them from explosion, fires, and the damage of the products while production, storing, and transportation. Using nitrogen for blanketing enables the user to reduce operating costs and improve safety.

What is Nitrogen blanketing?

Nitrogen blanketing is a process in which the gaseous form of nitrogen is injected into a moderately filled or empty storage tank or container. The presence of N2 will prevent the outbreak of chemical reactions that may cause oxidation, explosion or any other effect.

Petrochemical Plant

For blanketing process, nitrogen can be produced in through:

  1. Pressure Swing Adsorption technology
  2. Membrane gas separation technology


Pressure Swing Adsorption method uses numerous adsorption rates of several gases when passed through an adsorbent material. The adsorbent material separates gaseous mixture depending on its chemical properties and unique physical properties through a two-step process i.e. adsorption and desorption.

PSA N2 generators can manufacture N2 with purity higher than 99.9995%.


The membrane gas generation technology is based on a different rate of permeation of air components through the hollow fiber membrane.

When membrane nitrogen generators are used to produce nitrogen for padding tanks, semi-permeable membranes are utilized to separate inflowing air into its prominent components. The nitrogen extracted from the generator can be then injected into the chemical tanks.

Applications requiring Nitrogen blanketing

Industries use nitrogen both, during storage and transfer. Nitrogen blanketing is employed in:

  • Storages tanks
  • Chemical tankers
  • Airplanes
  • Transformers

MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has been providing clients with high-quality nitrogen generation solutions for more than 40 years. MVS is a turnkey supplier of on-site gas generators to customers from different industries.

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