How Do Hydrogen Generators Work?

On-premises hydrogen generators have a wide range of applications. Starting from some basic backyard experiments to serve as the electrical backup power to the automotive application to industrial and laboratory sectors and a lot of other applications, hydrogen gas is required for a successful operation.

How do hydrogen generators work?

Water electrolysis is one of the best methods available for users to produce high purity hydrogen gas whenever required.The reaction electrolysis takes place in the electrolyzer cell which is considered as the most important element in the generator. There two electrodes in the cell, a cathode and an anode. The ion exchange membrane separated these two electrodes. When an uninterrupted supply of current is passed to the electrode cell, some reactions take place.

Reactions that take place in this process are as below:

  1. An anode is a positively charged electrode. At the anode, the water molecules lose two electrons, forming an oxygen molecule and four hydrogen ions.


2H2O – 4e = O2 + 4H

The resultant, oxygen, produced in this half of the reaction, safely vent to the atmospherefrom the back of the generator. The four hydrogen ions that have been produced then pass through the ion exchange membrane (attracted by the negatively charged cathode) and collect four electrons reducing them to two hydrogen molecules.


4H+ + 4e = 2H2

The hydrogen gas now produced is separated from the oxygen by the ion exchange membrane, which is impervious to molecular oxygen.

Why should you use Hydrogen Gas Generators?

It is highly recommendable to use hydrogen gas generators because they are convenient, safe, and are cost-effective as compared to using high-pressure hydrogen gas cylinders. Gas generators provide hydrogen gas of high purity and it eliminates the risk of variation in gas quality which has an impact on the analytical results.

On-site Hydrogen Gas Generators also let you produce gas on-demand round the clock. One does not have to worry about running out of gas at an untimely moment. It also saves your time as you will not have to spend time changing and ordering replacement cylinders.

Being an alternative to cylinders, gas generators are environmentally friendly. The generators also reduce the laboratory’s carbon footprint since there is no need for trucks to deliver replacement cylinders and remove empty cylinders.

MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer supplier and a market leader in on-site systems for continuous and uninterrupted supply of high purity dry air and gases. The company has installed more than 10,000 gas generators across the world and is appreciated for its gas generators’ design and quality. If you are planning to get Hydrogen generators for your industrial process, you can contact MVS Engineering and get the best possible solution delivered to you. If you have some unique requirements, the company takes those requirements as an opportunity and manufactures a customized gas generator for you.

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