Are there any factors that affect the efficiency of Water Electrolysis?

Water electrolysis is a renowned method used in a wide range of applications in different industries. Some of the major industries that use electrolysis of water methods in their applications are Metallurgy, Power Plants, and Food Industry. Water components that include oxygen and hydrogen have numerous applications. Take, for instance, hydrogen. Hydrogen obtained from water through the process of water electrolysis is renewable, clean, and an efficient fuel source.

Water electrolysis process is widely used to extract oxygen and hydrogen gas from water. The process involves passing an electric current through the water which results in the decomposition of water into oxygen and hydrogen.

Is water electrolysis a simple and easy process?

Electrolysis of water is a simple and easy process when using MVS water electrolysis Hydrogen systems. We offer two technologies – (1) bipolar alkaline and (2) proton exchange membrane. In alkaline technology, potassium hydroxide (KOH) solution is used as electrolyte and periodic maintenance requires safe handling of the alkali. In PEM (proton exchange membrane) technology from NEL Proton USA doesn’t require any alkali solution and only demineralized water is used, thereby making the system very safe.

Are there any factors that affect the efficiency of Electrolysis?

Yes, there are a few factors that affect the efficiency of electrolysis. Here’s a list of few such factors that alter the efficiency of this process.

  1. The total number of anions and cations in the solution.
  2. The mobility rate to reach the electrode.
  3. The effect of the gas bubble that surrounds the electrode on the further electrotransfer.
  4. The activation energy is needed for the electron transfer from the electrode to the electrolyte ions.
  5. Crossing over of several interfaces results in the increase of energy requirements for the electrolysis than what is predicted by the thermos-dynamical Gibbs energy.

For the technologies offered by MVS Engineering, the efficiency of both technologies is nearly identical.

If you are looking for a hydrogen generator based on water electrolysis technology, contact MVS Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Log on to for details on on-site generators.

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