Medical oxygen generators produce on-site gaseous oxygen to provide a cost-effective, secure and safe alternative to conventional sources of oxygen gas such as cylinders or liquid oxygen tanks.

Working- The well-known and mature PSA or Pressure Swing Adsorption technology is use din these medical oxygen generators. The ambient air consists of 20-21% oxygen and Zeolite molecular sieves are used by the PSA method to remove this oxygen from the air. At 95% ± 3%, medically approved oxygen is supplied to the medical gas pipeline.

Gas Purity Acceptance- Medical oxygen provided on-site using a PSA oxygen generator is commonly recognized throughout the world by medical standards. The US FDA, Indian Pharmacopeia, European Pharmacopeia, British HTM standards are just some of the standards that in their published standards categorically have approval and recommendations for the use of PSA medical oxygen.

Flow Range- Starting with small flow rates as low as 2 nm3/hr and as high as the demand of the client calls for, medical oxygen generators are offered. With the following flow rates, the standard models of Medical Oxygen Generators have a flow range of:

  • 2 nm3/hr
  • 5 nm3/hr
  • 10 nm3/hr
  • 15 nm3/hr
  • 20 nm3/hr
  • 30 nm3/hr
  • 50 nm3/hr and bigger….

However, you can also configure the plants to suit your needs if your requirement falls somewhere in between or higher than the mentioned flows.

Configurations– Customers can opt for a range of settings, such as:

  • Basic: Single medical oxygen plant is provided for the online supply of oxygen, oxygen cylinders provide backup
  • Redundant: Two plants are supplied with one as the primary and one as the backup. Tertiary backup by oxygen cylinders is provided.
  • Cylinder-Filling Backup: A single plant is provided and a compressor for cylinder filling is incorporated. For their own backup, clients fill cylinders.

The concept is made for 24/7 service round the clock. The automatic start and stop feature of each oxygen generator helps the generator to adjust according to current usage. Medical oxygen generators are standardly fitted with purity monitoring, audio/visual alarms and a module for UPS (uninterrupted power supply).

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